Skyline™ Brush Cassette

The Skyline™ Brush Cassette is made entirely of polypropylene, and owing to the material's ruggedness and proven resistance to chemicals, it offers a perfect solution for heavy-duty cleaning efforts. Because of the continuous bristling of Skyline™ brushes, debris such as snow, rubber, soil and FOD are efficiently cleared, ensuring flights leave and land safely and on time. Furthermore, the brushing methods offered by Skyline™, water is simply brushed away, further ensuring safety on the runway. The technology used in the development of Skyline™ brushes, has resulted in increased resistance and prolonged product life.

The Skyline™ brushes were developed to work in freezing temperatures in order to clear the airfield of snow and ice. In light of this, Skyline™ brushes are been proven to be fully functional in -40°C without breaking bristles. This ensures the adaptability of the products across a range of climates and purposes.

The Skyline™ cassettes are available in a range of sizes, profile and lengths to ensure compatibility across a variety of sweepers. With just the right fit, you achieve the full sweeping width for your machine. Furthermore, a range of bristle diameters are available to fit the cassettes offered under the Skyline™ name, which are custom designed for individual machines and their core dimensions.

The Skyline™ is part of the Ecoline™ product range, meaning the product is fully recyclable at the end of its life. Add to this the light-weight construction and easy-fit technology, the Skyline™ brush system is an excellent all-round brushing solution.

Technical Specifications


  • Continuous bristling - no tufts
  • Remarkably more bristles than in tufted cassettes
  • Finalon™ polypropylene copolymer (PP)
  • Standard diameter either 1.8 mm or 2.2 mm as per request
  • Other filament diameters available by request


  • Polypropylene copolymer (PP)

Features for the Best Quality

Custom Fit Length
No more cutting oversized cassettes, no more extra pieces for filling the row. The lenght of SAJA® cassette is chosen according to the length of your brush core for your convenience. 

Continuous bristling - no bushings
Continuous bristling means more material, which means it has better performance and longer lifetime. It even sweeps water away.

Wheather Proof
SKYLINE™ is full plastic. There's no metal to rust. It can be used and stored anywhere.
Bristles with High Durability
SAJA™ has always been claimed to have best filaments. Our Finalon™ filaments made out of Polypropylene copolymere has the best durability.


Full compatibility

SKYLINE™ full plastic cassettes fit to all runway sweepers and sweeper-blowers in the market equipped with cassette shaft, such as to


Tailored for your sweeper

Our cassettes are tailored for your sweeper. Really. It means, that the length of our cassettes are chosen according to the core length of your sweeper. Individual length of a cassette for each core model provide you full sweeping width and ease of assembling. No more extra spacers or uneven brush pattern.