Technical Brushes

for Sustainable Future

Welcome to the World of Technical Brushes

Sajas Group is a Finnish brush corporation established in 1945. Today one can hardly find an industry that is not already using our technical brushes somewhere. Amongst others, our brush solutions can be found in oil recovery, industrial problem solving, fish farming, agriculture, peat extraction, water treatment and, of course, in cleaning streets and highways, lawns and parks, railways and airport runways. New innovations are being born continuously. Being operated by the third generation already, we offer you our know-how and high quality products with the experience of 75 years behind them. 

SAJA® Product Lines

Municipal & Construction Sweeping

Saja brushes release the full power of your sweeping machines for cleaning streets, roads, and green spaces, whether for municipal or constructional purposes. With an excellent ratio between the unit price and the hours of use, Saja brushes provide better results that also show in your bottom line.

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Airfield Cleaning

Saja brushes are extraordinarily durable, efficient, and safe in use. They are the right tools for you to keep runways and other paved areas at the airfield clean of snow, ice, sand, water, rubber, and FOD.

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Railway Cleaning

Brushes for sweeping railways.

Oil Recovery

SAJA® is a forerunner in technical brushes for oil recovery. Our product range covers brushes for all kind of devices from small skimmers to large equipment in multipurpose vessels. We are specialized also in brushes for arctic oil recovery. For manual oil recovery from shorelines we have developed an unique hand brush system for rehabilitation of oil contaminated sites.

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Brush Engineering

Technical problem solving with custom made brushes.

Industrial brushes

Our technical brushes are used in countless industrial processes and special applications for countless purposes.

The Right Brush for Your Job

SAJA® technical brushes are made for professional use, whatever the application is you use in your daily work.

Using our brushes, you are equipped to deal with every challenge in the most efficient way, spending no more time and energy than is necessary. We design and produce brushes, which are technically more advanced, economically more reasonable and environmentally more sustainable.

With us, your important work won’t be brushed aside.


The focus of the project is on digitization, process efficiency, sustainability, and product development. The project is supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund with 286.895 euros.

The objectives of the project are to digitalize the company procedures and implementing of automation and robotization solutions. The efficiency of processes will increase through better work organization and planning. Environmental performance will improve – production waste is taken to recycling, and energy consumption is reduced.